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July Issue of Media & Learning News available online

Today ATiT published the 7th issue of this year's Media & Learning News, containing articles announcing Paolo Celot to assist EU Member States on Media Literacy, and a call for articles on Design for Learning Spaces and Innovative Classrooms.

Also don't miss the feature articles “A Teacher's View on Learning Analytics: Controlling the Data or Being Controlled by Data?” written by Erik Woning (Kennisnet) and “106 ideas for a media literacy lesson and it's only the beginning!” by Dorota Górecka, the Modern Poland Foundation, as well as “Doing Lecture Recordings Well” by Chan Lay Kock, Chua Chet Siew & Daniel Tan (Centre for Excellence for Learning & Teaching). Among many other interesting articles, you will also find out about the pre-conference events at the Media & Learning Conference.

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Web2LLP’s online Italian course successful with 35 participants over 5 sessions

The first online social media course for LLP project managers the Web2LLP project organised attracted 35 people who attended one or more sessions. This course delivered in Italian consisted of online preparation tasks and 5 webinars that were conducted from 4 June to 2 July 2013. The course organiser PIXEL, with support from ATiT, organised this webinar series so that managers of lifelong projects could find out how to set up a web strategy and communication plan, discover different social media tools and how to manage them and analyse their impact. Other topics included sharing online content (through curation), and the final session consisted of a round-table with 3 experienced managers who described how they used social media and how they solved common issues when implementing social media to disseminate their work in LLP projects. View the recordings and presentations of this course here.
If you would like to participate in the English course (4 September – 2 October) or the French course (6 September – 4 October), you can register for one or more sessions for the English course and for the French course via the project website. You will receive an automatic e-mail with the webinar link(s).

Presenting the Media & Learning Association at DIVERSE in Germany

The newly launched Media & Learning Association was presented at the DIVERSE conference in Osnabrueck today. This conference organised together with the Opencast Matterhorn conference attracted almost 100 people involved in University video services. Sally Reynolds presented the new association supported by the MEDEAnet project and explained the various services offered  by the association to institutional members. Her presentation, entitled "Building a community of practice in the best use of media to support learning" is available on online.

Supporting the Social Media Requirments of European Projects

Sally Reynolds from ATiT gave a presentation about the Web2LLP project on Saturday 15 June during the annual EDEN conference held this year in Oslo. Her presentation entitled  “Steering a Safe Route through the Social Media Minefield” is available on the Web2LLP SlideShare account. 

In this presentation she focused on the findings of the project team in relation to social media usage amongst Lifelong Learning Projects supported by the European Commission and highlighted several good practices. She went on to describe the work being done by the project team to support LLP projects in their use of social media and finished with several recommendations emerging from this experience.

Find out more about this project here and sign up for the next course delivered online about the use of social media to support Lifelong Learning Projects.

35 participants take part in sixth MEDEAnet webinar on topic Creative Commons

ATiT organised the MEDEAnet sixth webinar on 6 June 2013, which focussed on Creative Commons (CC) licences. As CC licences define how content shared with others can be used freely (if the terms of CC licensing are respected), it offers teachers and trainers a lot of opportunities when developing their own teaching materials and media. We invited Billy Meinke from the Creative Commons headquarters in the USA who gave the 35 participants from 16 different countries first-hand insight into the different CC licences.

Final days to register for webinar on Creative Commons licenses and educational media - 6 Jun 2013

On 6 June 2013 MEDEAnet will organise a one hour webinar where teachers and trainers can learn more about the application of different Creative Commons licenses and find out what you have to respect when you produce your own media. Billy Meinke (Creative Commons, USA) will give insights into what it means to use licensed materials or develop licensed materials. Register for free here.

ATiT is managing the MEDEAnet project, which aims to promote media-based learning to organisations and practitioners through local training and networking events, online resources and knowledge sharing.

Line-up of keynotes for Media & Learning Conference includes well known film director Beeban Kidron

The first line-up of keynote speakers for this year’s Media & Learning Conference taking place on 12-13 December has been announced. 

The list includes Film Director Baroness Beeban Kidron who has spent the last 30 years working in feature film, television drama and documentary film and and is co-founder of the education charity FILMCLUB, the largest cultural programme in UK schools, with over 7,000 film clubs engaging over 220,000 children and young people each week.

She will be joined by Prof. Renee Hobbs who is an internationally recognised authority on digital and media literacy education. Renee is Professor and Founding Director of the Harrington School of Communication and Media at the University of Rhode Island, USA. As the Founder of the Media Education Lab she develops programs that advance media literacy education through scholarship and community service.

Dr. Sian Bayne is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education, whose research is focused on the many ways in which the digital changes and challenges education, with a focus on distance education, higher education, MOOCs and museum learning.

The fourth keynote that was announced is Aidan Chambers, well known British author of children's and young-adult novels who has launched his own app TABLET TALES, with which he is beginning to explore the effect on his own work of writing for the iPad.

This conference now in its fourth year is organised by the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training and ATiT and is held in the Ministry Headquarters in Brussels. The main theme for the conference is Media Education and Literacy: Equipping Learners for Open, Creative Learning Futures. This theme is at the heart of what will be a unique conference programme exploring the role of creativity and innovation in education and training against the backdrop of dramatic change in how, where and what learners learn.

Registration for the Media & Learning Conference is now open and the deadline for submission of ideas for the conference is 1 June 2013.You can find out more from the conference website.

SAILS project partners meet at King’s College London

The SAILS partners gathered for a 2 day general meeting for the third time, on 16-17 May in London. The meeting was hosted by the partners from King’s College, who were also the organisers of a teacher education workshop the Wednesday before. At this workshop experienced teachers in the field of inquiry science teaching were invited to discuss and try out some assessment methodologies together with some of the SAILS partners. During the next two project meeting days the time was well used to discuss different assessment methodologies that could be used in classrooms aiming to set a first framework for an overall assessment strategy for inquiry based science education.

In the next period SAILS partners will carry out further research on assessment frameworks and instruments that could be used for IBSE skills. From September onwards all countries will initiate a new series of workshops with their teachers, trying out together with them the newly developed assessment methodologies. Furthermore online national and European Communities of Practice have been set up on the project website and all practitioners (teachers, educators, researchers) and everybody else interested are invited to join these online communities to discuss and share content about inquiry based science and the assessment strategies they find useful.

ATiT are partners in this project with responsibility for dissemination. Information about SAILS is available from the project website.

MEDEAnet partners meet in sunny Bucharest

ATiT met with its 7 MEDEAnet partners in Bucharest on 23-24 April for an appraisal and planning meeting. Hosted by the Romanian partner, the NGO ActiveWatch, this meeting focused on supporting the developing the Media & Learning network, how to facilitate the steady growth of the network and plans for the coming 6 months. Partners’ workshop and webinar plans and the preparation of the 2012 report on the status of media education and media literacy in partners’ countries occupied much of the discussion along with discussions about the launch of the new Media & Learning Association.

Web2LLP Online Pilot Course in full swing

The online social media course aimed at Lifelong Learning Project managers and staff being run by ATiT as a partner in the Web2LLP project is now fully operational. The first two weekly sessions of this 5 week course have been delivered to up to 30 participants and responses have been really positive so far. This course serves as a pilot for the full version of the course which will be run in Italian in June and in French and English in September. To find out more including how you can register, visit the Web2LLP online training site.