We provide expert advice and consultancy in a pragmatic and goal driven manner. This includes project design and specification, user needs’ analysis, on-site coaching and event support, technology selection and implementation, evaluation and assessment. ATiT staff regularly provides independent evaluation, review and monitoring support to funding agencies including the European Commission.

ATiT joins the Re.ViCA Project

Together with partners from 7 different European countries ATiT launches the Re.ViCA Lifelong Learning Project that will look at virtual campus experiences across Europe. This project, chaired by Europace, will conclude in September 2009 with the publication of the Virtual Campus Manual aimed at regional, national and European political decision makers, advisors, government and administration, education authorities, e-learning industry, research community and Virtual Campus management.

Fe-ConE Conference Vilnius

Mathy Vanbuel was invited to participate in the Fe-ConE (Framework for eLearning Contents Evaluation)  conference in Vilnius (Latvia) on October 10th 2007. During the meeting Ms. Claire Belise, Mr. Graham Attwell and Dr. Minna Lakkala presented their views on intercultural issues in e-learning and e-content. Read their position papers on the eLearning Europe Portal.

ATiT consults Philippine local government in the set up of videoconferencing network for training

During a mission in the Philippines in June 2007, Mathy Vanbuel explored and designed together with the LOGOFIND project the possibilities to further develop the present training service into a multifunctional Distance Learning Network, aimed at training local governments. The envisaged network will expand from the traditional classroom by means of telepresence and videoconferencing using blended learning, to eventually self directed and flexible personal learning within a virtual network of independent learners.

MEDEA AWARDS Launched to Recognise Excellence in the Use of Video in Education

ATiT, in collaboration with several partners has recently launched the MEDEA AWARDS to encourage innovation and good practice in the use of digital moving images and sound in education. The award will also recognise and promote excellence in the production and pedagogical design of media-rich learning resources. These materials will typically be delivered online via internet or virtual learning environment and used as an integral part of a programme of study. The award is open to anyone working with or in European education at all levels. We welcome participation from producers, teachers, academics, support staff and students. Find out more on the MEDEA web site

Live Video Relay to Operating Theatre in Leuven for Workshop Participants

ATiT managed the live surgery demonstration organised as part of a two day workshop supported by INTEGRA entitled "ANKLE ARTHROSIS:TAR, FOCUS ON THE HINTEGRA® PROSTHESIS" that took place on September 7 in the Begijnhof Congres Hotel, Leuven, Belgium. This demonstration allowed participants attending the workshop directly follow a surgeon in the Regionaal Ziekenhuis H.Hart, Leuven while she operated on a patient.

Can Bank Managers Play to Learn? The Fortis Coaching Game

The Fortis Coaching Game is a serious game based learning tool for bank managers. This training package was designed by ATiT together with the training department of Fortis and aims to support job coaches within the bank. Its objective is to improve the work of these coaches which is the training of new employees on the work floor.

eLearning Africa 2006 Addis Ababa

Dancer in Addis Ababa

Sally Reynolds and Mathy Vanbuel, ATiT, were both involved in the eLearning Africa Conference in Addis (Ethiopia) from 24 till 26 May 2006. The conference attracted over 800 experts and decision makers from over 80 countries (but with a large majority from African countries) and certainly sparked a lot of enthusiasm with the attendees. More information and conclusions on the ICWE eLearning Africa website.


ATiT is a partner in the recently launched VENUS project. The purpose of VENUS is to internationalise prestigious courses from participating universities using ICT to make them available to both students and citizens in their respective countries. ATiT is leading the VENUS working group on educational technologies.