In the Spotlight

The March issue of the Media & Learning Newsletter is out!

Highlights in this month's newsletter include an article on Embodied Learning by Karien Vermeulen, Waag Society (The Netherlands), an article on The value of video in education by Rob Higson, University of Derby (UK), an article on Media for Science Education by Dennis Liu, Head of Educational Media, HHMI (USA), news articles about the series of M&L webinars, the launch of the new round of MOOCs by the EMMA project, the deadline for submissions for the Inspiring Science Education Light Competition (31 March 2015) and plenty of other notifications and announcements related to the use of media in education and training.

You can see the newsletter here.

ESTABLISH wins Scientix Awards

At the recent Scientix Award Announcements, the ESTABLISH Teaching and Learning Units for integrated science was selected as the best resource for teachers (category 1). Also the award for best report in STEM (category 3) went to the ESTABLISH project for the Report on how IBSE is Implemented and Assessed across Participating Countries. The ATiT team designed and developed the winning web site together with the ESTABLISH Project consortium.